California Vaping Laws: How E-Cig City Upland Maintains Compliance and Continues Service

California’s vaping regulations reflect a robust commitment to protect public health and safety, and at E-Cig City Upland, we honor this commitment in our daily operations. Our compliance endeavors allow us to wholeheartedly align with these regulations while providing exceptional service to our customers. 

“Our primary focus is to actively stay abreast of regulatory changes and maintain infallible adherence to all vaping laws. Our wide inventory of products and our operational procedures not only meet but often surpass state’s standards, showcasing our unwavering dedication to the society we serve.”

  • Age Verification: Given the legal age for smoking, including vapes and e-cigarettes in California has been raised to 21, we at E-Cig City Upland, adhere strictly to this requirement by enforcing rigorous age verification measures to dissuade underage sales.
  • Online Sales: To further shield minors from inappropriate access to vaping instruments, our online sales are fully compliant with Californian regulations. We implement robust systems to validate customer age prior to the completion of any online transaction.
  • Safety Measures: In our physical stores, we strictly enforce mask-wearing and social distancing guidelines, demonstrating our dedication to the health and safety of our customers.

During these challenging times, we have rapidly adapted our service provision to ensure consistency in product availability, while prioritizing safety. Whether you prefer the convenience of purchasing online for curbside pickup, or relishing the comfort of home delivery through DoorDash, we aim to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted shopping experience that aligns with state law. Allow me to take you through our versatile shopping options in the following section. 

Shopping Mode Mechanism Regulatory Compliance
Curbside Pickup Order online and retrieve from the store. Age verification to be provided upon pickup. Yes
DoorDash Delivery Place order online, get it delivered right at your doorstep. Age verification to be provided upon delivery. Yes

Our curbside pickup alternative is cost-effective and guarantees quick retrieval of your order. Our competent staff ensures a smooth and fast transaction. 

For those who prefer home delivery, we have teamed up with DoorDash to deliver your orders straight to your doorstep. With age verification at the time of ordering as well as delivery, we ensure compliance with California’s vaping laws. 

We also adhere strictly to packaging regulations. All our e-cigarette cartridges and solutions abide by California’s requirement for child-resistant packaging. While we strive to provide smooth service, allegiance to the law remains our main focus. 

Our commitment is to provide a hassle-free vaping experience that aligns with legal guidelines, thus reinforcing our promise to serve your vaping needs responsibly. We believe the vaping experience should be enjoyable and stress-free, and we at E-Cig City Upland work diligently to bring this vision to life. 

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